ALS 5905 International Research Immersion


This 3 credits class was designed to provide students with the possibility to get a research experience abroad. Students are encouraged to spend up to one semester abroad, and they can do so while taking online classes at UF. ALS 5905 is a requirement for the Global Systems Agroecology Ph.D. concentration but is open to all students within the UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.
To help facilitate the connection with an international institution, the Agroecology team has worked hard these past few years to develop a network of partners throughout the world. A contact faculty has been identified at each of these institutions, and will work with students to put them in contact with the appropriate faculty mentor they are interested in working with. We are also aware of accommodations opportunities at most of the institutions, and will provide assistance in finding accommodation prior to the trip.
While abroad, students are expected to take an active part in on-going research on site. Students are not required to lead their own research while abroad, but this can be discussed with both the student's advisor and international mentor once identified. Students going abroad will be asked to write 2 to 3 blog posts about their experience that can be shared with all of the UF Agroecology community.
The living expenses abroad are at the students' charge, and some travel awards may be available periodically through the Center for Stress Resilient Agriculture.
If you are interested in this experience, please contact Dr. Rose Koenig well in advance to plan your trip and find a mentor at the partner institution you want to visit. Please include your targeted institutions and a brief summary of what you hope to accomplish while abroad.

Browse our International Partners e-book ! 

University of New England (UNE) – Armidale
Western Sydney University – Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (WSU-HIE)

Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco (UFRPE) – Pernambuco

- INRA Centre Antilles-Guadeloupe 

- Agrosavia



- Vidya Bhawan Society, Udaipur, Rajasthan

- People Science Institute, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

- Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI): Robert H. Smith Facutly of Agriculture, Food and Environment

- Univerista di Foggia

- Wageningen University and Research Center 

- International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

South Korea
Gyeongsang National University

United Kingdom
Harper Adams University (HAU). You can also follow Harper Adams Agroecology on Twitter! @AgroecolMasters
Cranfield University

United States
University of the Virgin Islands