• What kind of degree will I receive ?

There are four offerings within Agroecology at UF: M.S. (thesis or non-thesis), Ph.D., or two certificates (Sustainable Agroecosystems, Global Agroecology). You will receive a degree in the major of your choosing  with a concentration in agroecology.

  • How many credits does this program require ?

It depends on the degree: M.S. is 30 credits beyond a Bachelor, Ph.D. is 60 credits, Sustainable Agroecosystems Certificate is 12 credits and Global Agroecology Certificate is 10 credits.

  • Can I get financial assistance from the University ?

For M.S. thesis and Ph.D. degrees, assistantships and fellowships are available upon acceptance within a faculty research program. Scholarships for all programs can be applied for through the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS). For more information, click here.

  • How much is tuition ?

The current estimated tuition and fees for Distance Education (DE) courses for the academic year 2017-18 is $ 565/credit hour.

For non-Florida residents, the program will be more expensive if taken as a resident student rather than as a DE student.  Non-Florida resident students will be required to pay out-of-state tuition which is currently $1255.41/credit hour.

Tuition is reviewed by the University of Florida every summer semester for the upcoming academic year; hence an increase in tuition fee should be expected.

Please follow this link for detailed fee structure information.

  • Thesis v.s. non-thesis option

This option applies only to the M.S. degree. Individuals interested in pursuing a Ph.D. beyond an M.S. degree are encouraged to consider the non-thesis option carefully. Typically, institutions prefer a thesis M.S. for admission to a Ph.D. program. We will be happy to discuss the different options.

  • Are there any special requirements for taking the courses online ?

Distance education students should become familiar with the requirements of the program regarding internet access and computer requirements. For more information, click here to access the UF e-learning Student Help.