ExcelAGator is a new initiative recently launched through the CSRA (Center for Stress Resilient Agriculture). It was created with the goal to better prepare graduate students to enter the private sector (industry, non-profit, etc.).



ALS 6031 Project Team Research: Building Skills in Agrobiology

(3 credits)

This course provides students with hands-on experience solving a real-world problem faced by an agricultural partner. ALS 6031 meets the CALS Professional Development criteria for doctoral student by emphasizing acquiring/refining skills within the following areas: project management; working in interdisciplinary teams; effective communication (written and oral) with peers and mentors; tackling complex projects through creative and novel approaches, and formulating, designing, and presenting methodologies to solve problems. Project Teams are offered each semester and students from all disciplines are welcome!

ALS 5905 International Research Immersion

(3 credits)

Our International Immersion course provides students with the opportunity to conduct a semester long research internship abroad with a UF Agroecology partner institution. Students currently have 13 institutions to choose from, including Wageningen University in the Netherlands, Harper Adams University in the UK, and Gyeongsang National University in South Korea. This class is available to all UF students and is offered every term. Contact the Agroecology team now for more information on this exciting international opportunity!

A2I (Accelerate to Industry)

This innovative symposium hosted in partnership with NC State University features developmental workshops, panel discussions, presentations from industry stakeholders, and networking events – all focused on developing skills that provide students with a competitive edge in the agricultural job market. Participants will also have the opportunity to interview and discuss career opportunities with industry leaders during this 4-day event. Only 30 selected graduate students and postdoctoral associates will be chosen to attend our A2i event, so stay tuned for updates on participating companies and application process for students!