[December 12, 2018] New lecturer position offered at the Agronomy Department

The UF Agronomy Department is currently trying to fill a lecturer position. For more information please contact Bethany Highsmith: highsmith.b@ufl.edu Deadline for application is January 15th 2019! 0003-3914 Agronomy – Lecturer

Plant Root Science Consortium

Uncover the genetic, physiological, and ecological basis of plant root adaptation to environmental stresses, pooling UF/IFAS resources together in combined research and teaching programs, which will lead to the development of better crops for tomorrow’s table   Global… Read More

[May 11, 2018] What is NOT Agroecology?

“Last post we focused on introducing agroecology through its key areas (production, environment, and society) and its foundational principles (systems, production, biodiversity, and resilience). The agroecology framework motivates sustainable crop production and natural resource management within resilient and biodiverse… Read More

[April 24, 2018] What is Agroecology?

“Agroecology is a paradigm for scientists and farming communities that prioritizes food production, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Agroecological innovations build from the resource-constrained ways we farmed before synthetic fertilizer with a modern design to sustain production, conserve… Read More

[April 20, 2018] Nutrient load reduction is key to reducing toxins in water

“The future is blue-green,” Dr. H. Dail Laughinghouse IV told those gathered April 18 Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Indian River State College Williamson Center. Who is to blame for toxic blue-green algal blooms? ‘Point the finger at… Read More

[March 29, 2018] UF is now part of the LGU Colombia Consortium

A word from Pilar Useche, Chair of the LGU Coordinating Council and Associate Professor at UF:  I am pleased to announce the launch of the new website for the LGU Colombia Consortium.  This is an exciting moment in… Read More

[March 25, 2018] Aeroponics towers on campus!

This semester, one of the two ALS 6031 Project Team Research groups is working with LA Urban Farms on an aeroponics tower growing various vegetables and herbs. These are closed-system hollow towers where plants are grown in air with… Read More

[March 9, 2018] Ph.D. Short Course and Travel Scholarships

The Center for Stress Resilient Agriculture (CSRA) has facilitated a collaboration with UF/IFAS Faculty and Wageningen University to host the following short course for Ph.D. students: Fundamentals of Crop Physiology in a Changing World June 3-8, 2018 Netherlands… Read More

[February 12, 2018] SARE Graduate Students Workshop + Funding Opportunity

The Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) program offers support for M.S. and Ph.D. research in sustainable agriculture. The Florida SARE program provides training to graduate students that is specific to this grant program and focuses on… Read More

[January 16, 2018] New Ph.D. opportunity – Coffee Under Climate Change

Funded Ph.D. opportunity for a USDA National Needs Fellow at the University of Florida – coffee agroecology under climate change   The Flory Lab and the Rowland Lab at the University of Florida (UF) are collaboratively seeking a… Read More