Students take notes during a class in the field

Students take notes during a class in the field

The goal of the Agroecology concentration at UF is to train students in agriculture through the application of ecological concepts and principles to design, develop and manage sustainable agricultural systems. The Agroecology concentration will provide an opportunity to gain knowledge across different disciplines including:  agronomy, soils, pest management, crop production, extension, natural resources, sustainable cropping systems and environmental science.
The focus of the program emphasizes three principles of sustainable agriculture:

  • Economic profitability
  • Environmental health
  • Social and economic equity

This program is designed to provide individuals an integrated perspective and skill set that will apply to a wide range of careers including: crop consultants, state and federal agriculture and environmental agency staff members, non-governmental agencies, positions with agricultural firms, county agents, soil & water conservationists and others.  There is a documented high demand in the job market for those with broad knowledge and skills in production agriculture and its relationship to environmental and societal issues.

The program is offered via distance education and on-campus.

The distance education track of the Agroecology concentration will be helpful to a number of potential students including

  • Place-bound students
  • County extension agents
  • International students
  • State and federal employees
  • Crop consultants
  • Others

The program will give students the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world to earn a graduate degree from the University of Florida.

Resident students can follow the concentration, and can take courses by both resident and DE methods, depending on the mode of offering of courses.